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Company FS “Fabryka Skóry” (in English: Leather Factory) represents an idea!

Idea which emerged in response to the deluge of low-quality, short-lifecycle products.

The primary goal of the company is to market products made of highest quality natural leather, distinguished by highest craftsmanship and exceptional durability.







As a co-producer, originator of marketed models, holding extensive network of contacts with suppliers of the material (natural leather) and partner manufacturing plants, our company is capable of meeting requirements of the Customers who expect durable, stylish and personalized products.

The company started its activities focusing on three areas of leather products:

  1. Bicycle gear and accessories - marketing models of leather bicycle bags, urban saddlebags and panniers, as well as leather accessories,
  2. Leather accessories for musical instruments - such as leather straps for instruments,
  3. Leather bags - classic, traditionally crafted and durable leather bags.






Moreover FS company welcomes cooperation with entrepreneurs who would like to extend their offer by introducing products made of high-quality natural leather by modifying existing products manufactured before from other materials or by introducing, with our help, brand new models and proposals.  We are constantly looking for new inspirations and challenges, that is why we are open to undertaking individual, even most unconventional projects based on the specific material, that is natural leather.






Apart from long-standing and legendary reputation of leather products as highest quality and durable goods, also their manufacturing process is based on traditional methods and craftsmanship. Our products are not manufactured on automatized production lines - they are subsequently processed by the team of qualified and experienced employees of a small production facility, where each and every hand-crafted product undergoes quality control at every stage of its development. 






Innovation is embedded in our approach towards introduced ideas and application of cutting-edge laser technology allowing customization of developed products by engraving on leather. Using advanced laser plotter we are modifying and enriching leather products applying unique patterns, images, illustrations, which enables us to create and offer exceptional products. Some of the works are available in the section ENGRAVING.

We heartily encourage all interested persons to contact our company - we will handle every request or inquiry in a professional and flexible manner.